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Ultra-flexible. Anytime anywhere.

Ultra-flexible. Anytime anywhere.

Smartflo : Flow forward with our cloud communication solutions, Smartflo for a business world without boundaries. A smart, multi-modal, multi-functional, flexible, scalable, secure and reliable suite of cloud based communication solutions. It is a sophisticated Smartflo of digital connectivity, business intelligence and productivity.


Comprehensive Dashboard: Take call notes, monitor live calls, track team progress, access deep data insights, and much more. One dashboard, unlimited possibilities

Smart Call Flows for Agents: Choose a ring strategy that fits your needs. Send calls to best-suited agents or ring all agents simultaneously with parallel ringing for quick query resolution

Intelligent Customer Call Routing: Do not worry about off-hours, different time-zones, or gazette holidays. Route calls to available agents, the reception, or play a pre-recorded message to keep your clients up to date


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